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Fixture List English Premiere League(EPL) Season 2009/2010

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English Premiere League(EPL) competition for the 2009/2010 season to predict more crowded, and four teams on board the EPL Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal will continue to compete for tight for champion. For the opening season, MU would fought team campaign against Birmingham, Chelsea must entertain Hull City, while Liverpool flying visit to Arsenal and Tottenham will visit to Everton.

If you EPL mania, don't forget to watch a fights involving Bigmatch The Big Four in the EPL, this is the list of Bigmatch in the EPL 2009/2010:

Manchester United vs Arsenal (29th August 2009)
Chelsea vs Liverpool (3rd October2009)
Liverpool vs Manchester United (24th October 2009)
Chelsea vs Manchester United (7th November 2009)
Arsenal vs Chelsea (28th November 2009)
Liverpool vs Arsenal (12th December 2009)
Arsenal vs Manchester United (30th January 2010)
Chelsea vs Arsenal (6th February 2010)
Arsenal vs Liverpool (9th February 2010)
Manchester United vs Liverpool (20th March 2010)
Manchester United vs Chelsea (3rd April 2010)
Liverpool vs Chelsea (1st May 2010)

For the complete fixture, you can read right bellow :

Saturday, 15th August 2009
Aston Villa vs Wigan
Blackburn vs Man City
Bolton vs Sunderland
Chelsea vs Hull
Everton vs Arsenal
Man Utd vs Birmingham
Portsmouth vs Fulham
Stoke vs Burnley
Tottenham vs Liverpool
Wolverhampton vs West Ham

Tuesday, 18th August 2009
Arsenal vs Bolton
Birmingham vs Portsmouth
Burnley vs Man Utd
Fulham vs Blackburn
Hull vs Tottenham
Sunderland vs Chelsea
West Ham OFF Aston Villa
Wigan vs Wolverhampton

Wednesday, 19th August 2009
Liverpool vs Stoke
Man City OFF Everton

Saturday, 22nd August 2009
Arsenal vs Portsmouth
Birmingham vs Stoke
Burnley vs Everton
Fulham vs Chelsea
Hull vs Bolton
Liverpool vs Aston Villa
Man City vs Wolverhampton
Sunderland vs Blackburn
West Ham vs Tottenham
Wigan vs Man Utd

Saturday, 29th August 2009
Aston Villa vs Fulham
Blackburn vs West Ham
Bolton vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Burnley
Everton vs Wigan
Man Utd vs Arsenal
Portsmouth vs Man City
Stoke vs Sunderland
Tottenham vs Birmingham
Wolverhampton vs Hull

Saturday, 12th September 2009
Birmingham vs Aston Villa
Blackburn vs Wolverhampton
Fulham vs Everton
Liverpool vs Burnley
Man City vs Arsenal
Portsmouth vs Bolton
Stoke vs Chelsea
Sunderland vs Hull
Tottenham vs Man Utd
Wigan vs West Ham

Saturday, 19th September 2009
Arsenal vs Wigan
Aston Villa vs Portsmouth
Bolton vs Stoke
Burnley vs Sunderland
Chelsea vs Tottenham
Everton vs Blackburn
Hull vs Birmingham
Man Utd vs Man City
West Ham vs Liverpool
Wolverhampton vs Fulham

Saturday, 26th September 2009
Birmingham vs Bolton
Blackburn vs Aston Villa
Fulham vs Arsenal
Liverpool vs Hull
Man City vs West Ham
Portsmouth vs Everton
Stoke vs Man Utd
Sunderland vs Wolverhampton
Tottenham vs Burnley
Wigan vs Chelsea

Saturday, 3rd October 2009
Arsenal vs Blackburn
Aston Villa vs Man City
Bolton vs Tottenham
Burnley vs Birmingham
Chelsea vs Liverpool
Everton vs Stoke
Hull vs Wigan
Man Utd vs Sunderland
West Ham vs Fulham
Wolverhampton vs Portsmouth

Saturday, 17th October 2009
Arsenal vs Birmingham
Aston Villa vs Chelsea
Blackburn vs Burnley
Everton vs Wolverhampton
Fulham vs Hull
Man Utd vs Bolton
Portsmouth vs Tottenham
Stoke vs West Ham
Sunderland vs Liverpool
Wigan vs Man City

Saturday, 24th October 2009
Birmingham vs Sunderland
Bolton vs Everton
Burnley vs Wigan
Chelsea vs Blackburn
Hull vs Portsmouth
Liverpool vs Man Utd
Man City vs Fulham
Tottenham vs Stoke
West Ham vs Arsenal
Wolverhampton vs Aston Villa

Saturday, 31st October 2009
Arsenal vs Tottenham
Birmingham vs Man City
Bolton vs Chelsea
Burnley vs Hull
Everton vs Aston Villa
Fulham vs Liverpool
Man Utd vs Blackburn
Portsmouth vs Wigan
Stoke vs Wolverhampton
Sunderland vs West Ham

Saturday, 7th November 2009
Aston Villa vs Bolton
Blackburn vs Portsmouth
Chelsea vs Man Utd
Hull vs Stoke
Liverpool vs Birmingham
Man City vs Burnley
Tottenham vs Sunderland
West Ham vs Everton
Wigan vs Fulham
Wolverhampton vs Arsenal

Saturday, 21st November 2009
Birmingham vs Fulham
Bolton vs Blackburn
Burnley vs Aston Villa
Chelsea vs Wolverhampton
Hull vs West Ham
Liverpool vs Man City
Man Utd vs Everton
Stoke vs Portsmouth
Sunderland vs Arsenal
Tottenham vs Wigan

Saturday, 28th November 2009
Arsenal vs Chelsea
Aston Villa vs Tottenham
Blackburn vs Stoke
Everton vs Liverpool
Fulham vs Bolton
Man City vs Hull
Portsmouth vs Man Utd
West Ham vs Burnley
Wigan vs Sunderland
Wolverhampton vs Birmingham

Saturday, 5th Desember 2009
Arsenal vs Stoke
Aston Villa vs Hull
Blackburn vs Liverpool
Everton vs Tottenham
Fulham vs Sunderland
Man City vs Chelsea
Portsmouth vs Burnley
West Ham vs Man Utd
Wigan vs Birmingham
Wolverhampton vs Bolton

Saturday, 12th Desember 2009
Birmingham vs West Ham
Bolton vs Man City
Burnley vs Fulham
Chelsea vs Everton
Hull vs Blackburn
Liverpool vs Arsenal
Man Utd vs Aston Villa
Stoke vs Wigan
Sunderland vs Portsmouth
Tottenham vs Wolverhampton

Tuesday, 15th December 2009
Birmingham vs Blackburn
Bolton vs West Ham
Burnley vs Arsenal
Hull vs Everton
Man Utd vs Wolverhampton
Stoke vs Fulham
Sunderland vs Aston Villa
Tottenham vs Man City

Wednesday, 16th December 2009
Chelsea vs Portsmouth
Liverpool vs Wigan

Saturday 19th December 2009
Arsenal vs Hull
Aston Villa vs Stoke
Blackburn vs Tottenham
Everton vs Birmingham
Fulham vs Man Utd
Man City vs Sunderland
Portsmouth vs Liverpool
West Ham vs Chelsea
Wigan vs Bolton
Wolverhampton vs Burnley

Saturday, 26th December 2009
Arsenal vs Aston Villa
Birmingham vs Chelsea
Burnley vs Bolton
Fulham vs Tottenham
Hull vs Man Utd
Liverpool vs Wolverhampton
Man City vs Stoke
Sunderland vs Everton
West Ham vs Portsmouth
Wigan vs Blackburn

Monday, 28th December 2009
Aston Villa vs Liverpool
Blackburn vs Sunderland
Bolton vs Hull
Chelsea vs Fulham
Everton vs Burnley
Man Utd vs Wigan
Portsmouth vs Arsenal
Stoke vs Birmingham
Tottenham vs West Ham
Wolverhampton vs Man City

Saturday, 9th January 2010
Arsenal vs Everton
Birmingham vs Man Utd
Burnley vs Stoke
Fulham vs Portsmouth
Hull vs Chelsea
Liverpool vs Tottenham
Man City vs Blackburn
Sunderland vs Bolton
West Ham vs Wolverhampton
Wigan vs Aston Villa

Saturday, 16th January 2010
Aston Villa vs West Ham
Blackburn vs Fulham
Bolton vs Arsenal
Chelsea vs Sunderland
Everton vs Man City
Man Utd vs Burnley
Portsmouth vs Birmingham
Stoke vs Liverpool
Tottenham vs Hull
Wolverhampton vs Wigan

Tuesday, 26th January 2010
Bolton vs Burnley
Man Utd vs Hull
Portsmouth vs West Ham
Stoke vs Man City
Tottenham vs Fulham
Wolverhampton vs Liverpool

Wednesday, 27th January 2010
Aston Villa vs Arsenal
Blackburn vs Wigan
Chelsea vs Birmingham
Everton vs Sunderland

Saturday, 30th January 2010
Arsenal vs Man Utd
Birmingham vs Tottenham
Burnley vs Chelsea
Fulham vs Aston Villa
Hull vs Wolverhampton
Liverpool vs Bolton
Man City vs Portsmouth
Sunderland vs Stoke
West Ham vs Blackburn
Wigan vs Everton

Saturday, 6th February 2010
Birmingham vs Wolverhampton
Bolton vs Fulham
Burnley vs West Ham
Chelsea vs Arsenal
Hull vs Man City
Liverpool vs Everton
Man Utd vs Portsmouth
Stoke vs Blackburn
Sunderland vs Wigan
Tottenham vs Aston Villa

Tuesday, 9th February 2010
Arsenal vs Liverpool
Fulham vs Burnley
Portsmouth vs Sunderland
West Ham vs Birmingham
Wigan vs Stoke
Wolverhampton vs Tottenham

Wednesday, 10th February 2010
Aston Villa vs Man Utd
Blackburn vs Hull
Everton vs Chelsea
Man City vs Bolton

Saturday, 20th February 2010
Arsenal vs Sunderland
Aston Villa vs Burnley
Blackburn vs Bolton
Everton vs Man Utd
Fulham vs Birmingham
Man City vs Liverpool
Portsmouth vs Stoke
West Ham vs Hull
Wigan vs Tottenham
Wolverhampton vs Chelsea

Saturday, 27th February 2010
Birmingham vs Wigan
Bolton vs Wolverhampton
Burnley vs Portsmouth
Chelsea vs Man City
Hull vs Aston Villa
Liverpool vs Blackburn
Man Utd vs West Ham
Stoke vs Arsenal
Sunderland vs Fulham
Tottenham vs Everton

Saturday, 6th March 2010
Arsenal vs Burnley
Aston Villa vs Sunderland
Blackburn vs Birmingham
Everton vs Hull
Fulham vs Stoke
Man City vs Tottenham
Portsmouth vs Chelsea
West Ham vs Bolton
Wigan vs Liverpool
Wolverhampton vs Man Utd

Saturday, 13th March 2010
Birmingham vs Everton
Bolton vs Wigan
Burnley vs Wolverhampton
Chelsea vs West Ham
Hull vs Arsenal
Liverpool vs Portsmouth
Man Utd vs Fulham
Stoke vs Aston Villa
Sunderland vs Man City
Tottenham vs Blackburn

Saturday, 20th March 2010
Arsenal vs West Ham
Aston Villa vs Wolverhampton
Blackburn vs Chelsea
Everton vs Bolton
Fulham vs Man City
Man Utd vs Liverpool
Portsmouth vs Hull
Stoke vs Tottenham
Sunderland vs Birmingham
Wigan vs Burnley

Saturday, 27th March 2010
Birmingham vs Arsenal
Bolton vs Man Utd
Burnley vs Blackburn
Chelsea vs Aston Villa
Hull vs Fulham
Liverpool vs Sunderland
Man City vs Wigan
Tottenham vs Portsmouth
West Ham vs Stoke
Wolverhampton vs Everton

Saturday, 3rd April 2010
Arsenal vs Wolverhampton
Birmingham vs Liverpool
Bolton vs Aston Villa
Burnley vs Man City
Everton vs West Ham
Fulham vs Wigan
Man Utd vs Chelsea
Portsmouth vs Blackburn
Stoke vs Hull
Sunderland vs Tottenham

Saturday, 10th April 2010
Aston Villa vs Everton
Blackburn vs Man Utd
Chelsea vs Bolton
Hull vs Burnley
Liverpool vs Fulham
Man City vs Birmingham
Tottenham vs Arsenal
West Ham vs Sunderland
Wigan vs Portsmouth
Wolverhampton vs Stoke

Saturday, 17th April 2010
Birmingham vs Hull
Blackburn vs Everton
Fulham vs Wolverhampton
Liverpool vs West Ham
Man City vs Man Utd
Portsmouth vs Aston Villa
Stoke vs Bolton
Sunderland vs Burnley
Tottenham vs Chelsea
Wigan vs Arsenal

Saturday, 24th April 2010
Arsenal vs Man City
Aston Villa vs Birmingham
Bolton vs Portsmouth
Burnley vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Stoke
Everton vs Fulham
Hull vs Sunderland
Man Utd vs Tottenham
West Ham vs Wigan
Wolverhampton vs Blackburn

Saturday, 1st May 2010
Birmingham vs Burnley
Blackburn vs Arsenal
Fulham vs West Ham
Liverpool vs Chelsea
Man City vs Aston Villa
Portsmouth vs Wolverhampton
Stoke vs Everton
Sunderland vs Man Utd
Tottenham vs Bolton
Wigan vs Hull

Sunday, 9th May 2010
Arsenal vs Fulham
Aston Villa vs Blackburn
Bolton vs Birmingham
Burnley vs Tottenham
Chelsea vs Wigan
Everton vs Portsmouth
Hull vs Liverpool
Man Utd vs Stoke
West Ham vs Man City
Wolverhampton vs Sunderland

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