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"Red Devil" No way intimidated Besiktas


Manchester, Coach Manchester United (MU), Alex Ferguson said the support teams is featured in the Turkish camp to intimidate opponents. However, he said, "Red Devils" have a way to overcome that pressure.

The statement was submitted relating to the MU meetings round against Besiktas in the Champions League group stage, in Istanbul on Wednesday (16 / 9). Ferguson wants to remind students to stay calm and focused against fanaticism and incredible noise from the supporters of the host.

"We've been to Turkey before, against Galatasaray and Fenerbahce. It was a good experience. Unique atmosphere because Turkey has a tremendous fanaticism, full of turmoil. However, we hope that our experience has helped us to deal with anything," he added.

However, Ferguson still do not feel superior to Besiktas. He still has two more constraints, namely the weather and the blindness of the enemy forces. He could do nothing but ask his troops to prepare ourselves as best as possible.

"We will face three teams that our opponents never before. But that is the greatness of Europe and we will melakoninya," said Ferguson.

"This group is more difficult than usual. You usually after the match in France or Germany in the group phase. However, we have to travel (far) to cope with this group," he continued.

Manchester United and Besiktas in Group B. Two other teams that fill this group is CSKA Moskva and Wolfsburg.

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