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Rooney glad to be an "EXECUTOR"

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Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, happy to break through the Arsenal penalty spot. He had asked the task and finally succeeded.

From Cristiano Ronaldo to move, "Red Devils" lost executioner to execute the ball dead from a white point. It's bad for the MU. In a duel season warm-up roll, the MU is always lost on penalties. When they face Burnley campaign team, Michael Carrick also failed to perform the task in fitting up 12 points his team lost 0-1.

Exasperation feel to it, Rooney would become the executor when the opportunity came against Arsenal on penalties. Dropped over goalkeeper Manuel Almunia in the forbidden box, the former Everton player had taken his own goal to break down the task from a distance of 11 meters. His task complete, he kicked the ball right, goalie outwit opponents.

"Not one person knew who the executor after Cristiano Ronaldo went. We got a penalty when against Burnley but Michael (Carrick) failed to execute. However, after that, I want to be executor and glad I made a goal when against Arsenal," said Rooney happy.

It is not impossible Rooney would be the executor remains especially digadang staying he became a new star in the MU, replacing the light had gone out since Ronaldo left. Rooney was challenged and he did not intend to run away from Old Trafford. 23-year player wants to end his career with the "Red Devils".

"I always say, I love this club. For I am here, I'll play here. I do not see a reason why I should move to another club. I've got everything here," he said firmly.

Since defending MU in 2004, Rooney's career has skyrocketed. In every action, movement of Rooney like hungry lions. Until last season, he scored 65 goals from 157 appearances in the Premier League. Two of Wigan's goal into the net past few days entered in the notes makes the printer a hundred goals for "The Red Devils" in all competitions.


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