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Ronaldo : Rooney is The King of Old Trafford

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Midfielder-Manchester United (MU), Cristiano Ronaldo, rate, Wayne Rooney deserves to be king in the Old Trafford. According to him, Rooney will have everything that makes them successful key "Red Devils" in the future.

The statement is made many people doubt the fate of the MU without Ronaldo. Section, he is already considered as a major motor sport teams. However, Ronaldo ensure that, as long as there is Rooney, MU do not need to worry.

"Without a doubt, he will become the world's best players. In practice, it can kick volleyball from the 30 yard distance and jump one inch higher from you," said Ronaldo is quoted as News of the World.

"It may not seem great, but it (shows) how he accurate. He will be one of the best in the world for a long time. Talent naturally there," he added.

Ronaldo also stressed that the his movement to Real Madrid will not reduce the sense of respect to the MU. He felt that the MU has everything to teach and raise his name.

Ronaldo transfer process is estimated to be completed soon. He is scheduled to test medical early next week, before signing the contract in six seasons at Real Madrid. (NOTW)


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