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MU - Arsenal, Semi Final UEFA Champions League 2008/09

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Meeting Manchester United (MU) and Arsenal in the Champions League semifinal as if burning old enmity. Moreover, both are equally berambisi sweep this competition. So, first leg Champions League semifinal at Old Trafford Stadium, Wednesday or Thursday (30 / 4) early days will cool and heat.

MU is committed to maintain gelarnya and become the first English club champion three times since Champions League format changed in 1992. Instead, Arsenal are very thirsty in the Champions League win out, because it is impossible to top the Premier League. Thus, the Champions League is the top priority. Moreover, during the time Arsenal have never sweep the competition.

However, the burden should be more heavily MU. In addition to stand as a champion, they have two task. For, in the Premier League they are still threatened Liverpool.

In addition, the MU has a more stringent schedule. That is recognized by defender Nemanja Vidic. So, coach Alex Ferguson had to make a rotation. This policy must be done, but to make the team less stable.

5 in the match, they had possessed 12 goals. Then rise up and reach three clean sheets in the party. But, last week they accidentally left behind two goals and the 0-2 forward from Tottenham Hotspur, before eventually winning 5-2.

"We need to fix the problem, especially in the back of the line. But, keep in mind also, we do a lot of player turnover. Especially in the back, we can not appear consistent. Indeed, even the middle and front of the case. We have a lot of rivalry, so that must make changes team and this often requires adaptation, "said Vidic.

MU coach, Alex Ferguson admitted, against Arsenal will be the weight of the match. "Both teams surely will be very vigilant, because we will be together to try to avoid accidentally goal. We must win in this first leg, without accidentally goal. 1-0 Results have been good enough," said Ferguson.

Ferguson somewhat puzzled install front lines. Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dimitar Berbatov and print Tottenham goal at the opponent. But Carlos Tevez who appears as a substitute for a resurrection inspirator MU. Confusion, especially installing Berbatov or Tevez.

After the ambition quintuple (five degrees) because it failed tersingkir in the FA Cup, MU is now hoping to reach quadruble. After reaching the FIFA Club World Cup and UEFA Cup, MU want to sweep the Premier League and Champions League again.

Only, mengharapi Arsenal became intolerable because the opponents have the spirit of profiteering. Champions League is the only hope Arsenal, let alone trofi that have not been there in the cabinet The Gunners.

"In the last four years, I only ever won one title, the FA Cup. It is too small. We have great confidence can sweep Champions League. However, this will be heavy because we have the MU in the semifinal," said the Arsenal player, Robin van Persie.

Any weight, Arsenal will still continue to strive to achieve through MU final. Defender Kolo Toure asserted, the spirit has now unanimously.

"We do not fear anyone. AKu know what to do when playing. Menurutku, pressure is more heavily owned by MU," said Toure.

At the meeting the Premier League at the Emirates Stadium, November ago, Arsenal winning 2-1. The Gunners hope repeat similar success in the Champions League.

Attacker Theo Walcott will become a scourge own MU. Moreover, he was likely in a condition fit. This is recognized by Ferguson.

"Walcott is very fast. Perhaps, he fastest attacker in the UK at this time," Ferguson praised.

Surely, would be heat race. (AP)

Last meeting record 10 :

08-11-2008 Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United (Premier League)
13-04-2008 Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal (Premier League)
16-02-2008 Manchester United 4-0 Arsenal (FA Cup)
03-11-2007 Arsenal 2-2 Manchester United (Premier League)
21-01-2007 Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United (Premier League)
17-09-2006 Manchester United 0-1 Arsenal (Premier League)
09-04-2006 Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal (Premier League)
03-01-2006 Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United (Premier League)
21-05-2005 Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United (FA Cup)
01-02-2005 Arsenal 2-4 Manchester United (Premier League)

Total Meetings: 157 MU win: 63 (40 percent) Arsenal win: 57 (36 percent) Series: 37 (23 percent)

source : kompas.com

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