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The Powerfull MU and powerless Arsenal

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Manchester United back to prove themselves that they deserve the title of champion survived a Champions League. Facing a fellow English team, Arsenal, MU can still appear dominant, although only a slim 1-0.

As a host on the first leg, if appropriate coach Sir Alex Ferguson ordered to take the MU insiatif attack and keep the ball stays in their power. The way it works. Through Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez, "Red Satan" really play stubborn defense menyusupi "Warehouse Peluru". Thus, the Ferguson decision rather play Tevez Dimitar Berbatov is right.

After the match, Arsenal coach, Arsène Wenger, praise Reliability mental Arsenal full-back, Kieran Gibbs. That night Gibbs firm enough to keep the left wing, which is often digerayangi by Cristiano Ronaldo. However, the hero is the night Arsenal goalkeeper Manuel Almunia. In the first half hour, Almunia has been recorded in the six-saving gawangnya, including twice in the business Tevez to-16 minutes.

Apes for "The Gunners" as John O'Shea successfully conquered Almunia in the minutes to-17. This time, they left-wing movement against inadvertent O'Shea because no one is the right to keep back the MU. Gibbs still has not moved from near the pole to anticipate a corner kick before touchdown occurs. Other players, including Samir Nasri, terpana with bergulirnya ball in the right-wing movement and Ronaldo in the middle of the penalty.

Since the first ten minutes, the MU 67 percent of the ball movement. That number decreased only slightly up to a half hour game. The two wings, plus Tevez in the middle, moving very active. Wayne Rooney on the left and Ronaldo on the right always get an adequate supply of Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher.

Unfortunately, Arsenal can not compensate with dangerous attacks. Nasri initially diplot help supply the ball from the left is not moving much. Theo Walcott speed actually making enough Patrice Evra on the left wing MU defense. However, he is often moving without the ball in the neighborhood.

Cesc Fabregas the captain that night installed as a striker Emmanuel Adebayor also appear less bite. Before opponent, the middle line of Arsenal this time can not measure the strength of half of "The Red Devils". However, the defeat this time at least thinner still provide power for Wenger to realize the promise different look down on the second meeting, next weekend.

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