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Ferguson : Man United are ready to be the 1st

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Trainer Manchester United (MU), Sir Alex Ferguson believes that can defend Champions League title of champion. If that is realized, then the MU team to be able to champion the first two times in succession, since the Champions League format changed in 1992.

"It will be fun if we able to defend Champions League title," said Ferguson.

Since a Champions League Cup Champions in 1992, no team can be champion two times in a row. AC Milan, Ajax Amsterdam, Juventus and was champion the following year and entered the final. However, they fail to maintain a degree.

"Some people may say I try to change destiny. But, at Old Trafford, we always install a possible target," said Ferguon.

"No one is saying that to make it easy akan. But, we also need to enjoy a little luck and free from injury problems that could allow us to make achievements like that," he added.

source : kompas.com


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