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Rooney hail change CR7

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Once agreed the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, Manchester United has tried to find the key players in the team. One of the players who are encouraged to become major stars "Red Devils" that is Wayne Rooney.

Although the role as a striker, Rooney is always less in the case of Ronaldo's goal of acquisition. 2007/08 season, CR7 to become top scorer with 31 English League goals, while Rooney is only 12 goals. Ronaldo back seasons ago with the winning touchdown 18 Dan Rooney is still 12 goals.

With the pullout Ronaldo, coach Sir Alex Ferguson must now explore other figure as the magic numbered uniforms 7. Number, which is always "sacred" at Old Trafford that could fall to new players.

Nevertheless, the Executive Chairman of the Association of Professional Football English (PFA), Gordon Taylor, affirm, he hopes Rooney can become key players in the team. Taylor believes, Rooney will become one of the world's best candidate in the future.

"As an Englishman, if I am asked to choose, I would select Wayne," said Taylor cited as The Times. "Although Ronaldo more prominent in the team, there are individual elements that are important when he was playing. Wayne will be one of the best players for long time. "

Currently, "The Red Devils" are yet to find anyone who will fill the place of Ronaldo in the middle of the field. Ferguson is still approaching the half-Wigan Athletic, Luis Antonio Valencia, and the Bayern Muenchen, Frank Ribery. Later the name also appears Barcelona striker, Samuel Eto'o, a star candidate in the team.


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