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Ferguson free for search another CR7

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Manchester United will not be difficult to find new players as Cristiano Ronaldo. Glazer family, the owners "Red Devils" give unlimited opportunity to coach Sir Alex Ferguson to decide squad next season.

"The Red Devils" still has the obligation debt of 699 million Pounds Sterling. This debt is considered a strong reason for the English League champion to sell Ronaldo to the price of 80 million Pounds Sterling. Obligation debt in installments is also believed to prevent future Ferguson plans to buy big players next season.

This directly be debated by Glazer family. Talking through an interpreter, Glazer said that the club debt will not disrupt the business plan and the development team.

"There is no change for four years so you believe that the club owner does not want to continue investing in the team,"say spokesman Glazer family in the ESPN coverage. "Important world class players have been brought to the club in the last few years and it will still continue."

"The Manchester United motivated (to sell Ronaldo, Red) by debt is not correct. In fact Cristiano Ronaldo decided, after six years, it's time to move and managers agree," said spokesman earlier.

"Sir Alex Ferguson holds full control of squad. He power to determine what decision is best to think it was Manchester United," he added.

With this statement, then Ferguson will be given the freedom to issue money to get their players at Old Trafford star. One of the players who entered in noun is half French, Ribery.

"The Red Devils" is the official bid to recruit Bayern Muenchen Ribery. However, because speech is still a lot Muenchen want to determine the price is high on the players. (SCN)


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