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Park Ji-Sung "defeated" Ronaldo and Rooney


Halfback-Manchester United (MU), Park Ji-Sung, is considered as inspiration for the Asian football conquered Europe. According to Nike's vice president of marketing for the Asia-Pacific, davide Grasso, things that make the Park's popularity in Asia over Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney.

Previously, many considered that the MU Park as the only means of marketing in Asia when purchased from PSV Eindhoven back in 2005. MU ward members with lower Park as much as 33 times in a Premier League 2005-2006. Negative impression slowly receding.

In the next seasons, quota main skuat Park in the main reduced. In the 2006-2007 season, he played only 14 times as much. Next year it appears 12 times in the Premier League.

However, the Park and the firm continues to struggle to improve the quality of self. Finally, the 2008-2009 season, Park retake the position of the main quota plus sympathy support. Recorded, MU defend it as much as 25 times in the Premier League.

Park hard work paid when he appears as a reliable starter in the Champions League final against Barcelona. Although MU lost 0-2, the shiny Pamor Park in Asia because it is the first Asian player to appear in the Champions League final.

Park is considered the degree of successful football in the Asian world. More than that, he became inspiration for many Asia. Noted, 87,000 people are willing to pay for a fan club member Park.

"Park Ji-Sung is the most recognized sport in Korea and probably most proudly across the region (Asia)," Grasso said as quoted Manchester Evening News.

"Meanwhile, Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney may be regarded as a major profile in the UK, the popularity of Park in Korea diminish them," he added.

Park in the loop, people learn that anyone can be a big home willing to work hard. He started a career as a physical small. However, the enthusiasm and hard work has been recognized as making the best Asia at this time.

Park was not satisfied go alone. He also formed a company called JS Limited to manage the center of the football with a total investment of 13 million Pounds Sterling, or about Rp 183 billion.

Limited through JS, Park assist young talents Korea to develop their football ability is better. He hopes, will be a lot of Asian players playing in Europe.

Park itself is well established in the Old Trafford. Orally, he and MU have agreed to extend the contract for four seasons. (MEN)


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