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Hernia Operation Planning, CR7 Not to Jakarta?


Full attack Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, will likely delay appearance at the beginning of the 2009/10 season. Ronaldo is planning a Hernia operation so that it can affect the scheduled visit to Jakarta, later in July.

Ronaldo the hip injury while playing for Portugal in World Cup qualifying duel opponents Albania, Saturday (6 / 6). CR7 menyanggupi plan in case the operation, the time required for one month to restore themselves.

"The operation Cristiano is very appropriate that he can restore himself throughout June and he returned to practice early in July," said a source close to the players that The Times Online. "However, he still considers the thought because it can affect the appearance early in the season."

In addition to the operating problems, Ronaldo is still busy by the transfer to Real Madrid. At this time "El Real" is still incentive to pursue the wing because both are bound pre-contract agreement.

MU alone are approaching Wigan Athletic Winger, Antonio Valencia, as an effort to anticipate the removals CR7. However, it is not desire "The Red Devils" to keep Ronaldo at Old Trafford.

Ronaldo is currently allowed to spend the holiday in Madeira and will not be included in a duel of friendship versus Portugal in Estonia Tallinn, on Wednesday (10 / 6). He still has contact with the team to ask the MU medical advice concerning the operation before the holiday to Miami next weekend. United planned to be opened again exercise their headquarters on 6 July.

If Ronaldo has not been restored, to his arrival in Jakarta is big question mark. Until this time there is no certainty concerning anyone MU players who will appear in Senayan.

Ronaldo 2008/09 season ago forced absent also in the six seasons after the beginning of the fight he was operating in the summer. Despite recover and play again, Ronaldo's part in the season was still not optimal. (TIMES)


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