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MU trap, Hell for Arsenal

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Manchester United have fruit sweet blessing effective strategy to play Arsenal in the cage. Tickets Champions League final for the second time in succession they are entitled to get.

After a slight victory to reach 1-0 in the first fight, MU coach Sir Alex Ferguson already think if Arsenal will attack them in the Emirates Stadium. 4-4-2 formation that was predicted by Ferguson fumble quite as "The Gunners" the formula 4-3-2-1 in its own enclosure. However, the attack tactics since the early minutes by Arsenal that could have been predicted. That is evident since the ball scrolling.

MU players are ready with it all. Predicted birth to their opponents tactics trap. Ferguson also uses the same structure with lawannya. The difference, this time Wayne Rooney is not placed as the sole striker. As the duel before, the English striker diplot as a left wing plus the obligation to remote back down.

Ferguson would put Cristiano Ronaldo in front of a self and Park Ji-Sung as the right wing. Evidently, the second speed is very death. Feet from the second half is also born three goals in the gate of Manuel Almunia.

The attack quickly built Ronaldo left in the defense sector opponent bear beautiful assist for the Park. Kieran Gibbs is right next to the Park that ran too fast. Gibbs would slip when cutting the ball and makes it easier Park menceploskan ball.

Next goal, Ronaldo's, shows how hard and kick akuratnya the European Open and the World. Robin van Persie may forget the talents of children in Portugal, so offenses outside of the penalty box should be paid expensive. MU increasingly confident with the 3-0 aggregate advantage. Spectators are anxious and start spiritless.

Must reply to the four goals are clearly a matter for Cesc Fabregas et al. Coach Arsène Wenger hopes to add power to enter gedor with Emmanuel Eboue in the second round did not produce any results. This is expensive even paid the second goal by Ronaldo that night. And, again this is born through the goal behind the attack quickly.

Only three players who memotori MU third goal that night: Park, Rooney, and Ronaldo. Speed run Dan Rooney Ronaldo's second wing is enough membuyarkan Arsenal defense readiness. All Arsenal players on the field late middle movement closed two players that MU.

Results are already very enough for MU to concentrate on defense, the night was already strong thanks to Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. Unfortunately, an error that is not from Darren Fletcher will need to sully the game "Red Satan" and bear penalty goal from Van Persie. Aggregate score of 3-1 or 4-1 that does not help Arsenal.

Wenger certainly disappointed with this defeat. However, if Arsenal supporters understand the weakness lines behind the team, not to be William Gallas and Gael Clichy. Injury experienced Mikael Silvestre also give Wenger no choice than to install Johan Djourou is less experience in Europe.

Forcing all players to help the attack resulted in the Arsenal defense burden is heavy. Walcott a large-digadang can not play fast so obvious in the right wing. Shortcut form of bait-bait long to Emmanuel Adebayor's too easy to read. Once the slit is in the middle line, so for "The Gunners" to fill meetings. This empty space into soft food for Anderson, Park, Ronaldo, Dan Rooney, who appears with the full power.


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